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Health and Welfare



The medical service provides a range of services for children in school.


The School Nurse Team is a regular visitor to school and is always willing to offer advice as well as their routine health work:-


  • Reception: Vision check. Medicals with the Clinical Medical Officer (CMO) to which parents are invited.
  • Year 1: Hearing test by visiting audiologist.
  • Year 2: Routine health surveillance (height, weight and vision)
  • Year 6: Routine health surveillance (height, weight and vision)


Parents will be informed as necessary of these routine checks and will be notified of any problems e.g. suggest a further eye test with an optician.



If a child is absent from school, he or she should not return until fit to take on the full range of activities, including playtimes.


If a child is unwell or injured in school, every attempt will be made to contact you or your emergency contact. Should your child require emergency treatment, we will act quickly on your behalf to ensure that every reasonable action is taken until you can be contacted.


School has numerous qualified First Aiders and Paediatric First Aiders on site at all times.



It is always preferable for parents to administer medication to their child, but in certain circumstances it may be necessary to ask our Designated Authorised Person to carry this out. Every effort will be made to do this if we have clear written instructions, although the school cannot guarantee any such requests. A form is available from school and is to be completed and signed by parents before medicines may be administered. Special arrangements are made for particular needs e.g. Asthma.




The safety of children in and around school is of paramount importance.


We take many measures in school to ensure a safe and secure environment from the rule of no running in school to regular fire drills. We have a lock/release intercom system on the front door. Together with our practice of acquiring security doors once children are inside the building, this ensures that no one can enter school uninvited.



Outside school, parents can do much to ensure the safety of children coming to and from school. Please do not park on the zigzag lines outside school or drive into the school car park to collect children at any time of the day.


We appeal to motorists who park on Primrose Hill Road to consider residents and not block their driveways. A suggested one-way system coming into Primrose Hill Road from Runshaw Lane should also avoid congestion.


There are footpaths on each side of school for pedestrians. Children, and parents, should not walk on the driveway.



A strong emphasis lies on the pastoral care and support of our children. The class teacher has a special relationship with and has the responsibility for the well-being of each child in his or her class. However, Euxton Primrose Hill is very much a family and all staff share in the care of every child. Children are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the Head or any other member of staff. Children may also ‘post’ concerns in our Problem Pod located in the entrance hall and staff will always respond promptly and sympathetically to any issues raised.



Our Child Protection Policy has been drawn up in line with current advice and our own commitment to the welfare of the children in our care. The school is most vigilant to ensure that its pupils remain free from harm and that no child should be subject to abuse or neglect. Our children’s safeguarding and protection is considered a real priority.


Because of day-to-day contact with children, staff are particularly well placed to observe outward signs of abuse, changes in behaviour, or failure to develop. Parents should be aware, therefore, that where it appears to a member of school staff that a child may have been abused, the school is required as part of the local Child Protection Procedures, to report their concerns to the Social Services Department immediately.