School Logo

Mission Statement, Vision and Aims

We live in an increasingly competitive world where pupils compete on a global stage to gain employment. At Primrose Hill we endeavour to deliver a curriculum that equips pupils for modern life, helping them to flourish in the multi-cultural ever changing world in which we live. We also believe in educating pupils to lead a healthy lifestyle and want pupils to be as fit and healthy as possible, after all a healthy body equals a healthy mind.


In addition, we want pupils to understand that the world around us is not an infinite resource and we aim to develop an awareness of sustainable living wherever possible. We utilise outdoor learning opportunities to raise pupils’ awareness of our environment and are very proud of our ‘eco school’ status. Finally, we believe that pupils achieve best when they are supported by parents and carers and aim to work with you to ensure the best possible outcomes for your child – as the school motto states… ‘Together we will make a difference’.


Our commitment to this helps to create a wonderful sense of community at Primrose Hill and makes it a very special place for everyone connected with our school. We are passionate about our vision and firmly believe that it will allow pupils to develop a confidence and enthusiasm for learning and indeed life – an outlook that will help them to succeed in whatever they choose to do in the future.