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Designing and making a fruit kebab

Wow! What amazing learning Ash Class have done so far this week.  The children have all successfully identified features of instructions and followed them in the correct order.  
First, we tasted a variety of fruits and used our senses to choose adjectives to describe them. The children then decided on which fruit they would like to use to create their kebabs whilst thinking about applying repeated patterns.  

Today we got to make them! Remembering the purpose of food hygiene from earlier, we washed away any germs.  We used the ‘claw and bridge method’ to safely chop up our fruit and create our tasty kebabs. 

They were delicious and everyone in Ash Class thoroughly enjoyed them. 

In science, we have been learning about ‘growth’. We discussed what grows all around us, how we grow and today how mini beasts grow too.  

Using our English knowledge of instructions, we followed step by step method to grow our own cress seeds.  We are looking forward to watch and record how the seeds grow over the next week. 

Well done Ash Class.