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Diversity Week

What another amazing week Ash Class has had.  We began by designing our commemorative jubilee plates and then enjoyed painting and bringing our designs to life. We also began to celebrate our diversity week by reading and discussing the story ‘And tango makes three’ as a whole class. 

On Tuesday we played games from around the world.  It was great fun, and the children loved learning that children around the world are just like them.  They loved playing the games and recognised the similarities and differences compared to our games in the UK. 

On Wednesday we learned sign language; they loved learning how to sign their names and how to sign with their friends. 

On Thursday we talked about our families and how we are all different and how that is wonderful. We celebrated that everyone in Ash Class is different and unique but that’s what makes Ash Class wonderful.  We used eggs to look at how on the outside each family of eggs was different, but on the inside, they were all the same, just like how all our families are different but inside all share the same love.  Then we made and drew our own family. 

Finally, on Friday the children listened to different music from around the world and discussed how, although the music is different, it can bring us all together in enjoyment. 

Well done Ash Class - we are so proud of you all and enjoy celebrating every day how wonderful you all are.