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British Values in Maple Class


Today we have been learning about British Values. In order to learn about Democracy, we held our own democratic vote in Maple class.


The children were given the opportunity to be the class teacher for the afternoon. Any child who wanted to be the class teacher had to explain what they would do if given this opportunity. Some children focussed on positive behaviour, promising stickers if the class were good. Some children even promised an extra 5 minute play if they were elected as class teacher!



Each child was then able to vote for who they thought would be a good teacher for the afternoon. The voting was kept secret and the total was counted.


Our elected class teacher, sporting her new jacket and lanyard, was ready to go!



She helped the children with their work, answered their questions and helped organise the class at the end of the day. She was a natural!

We have also learnt about Individual Liberty today as well. We had a big discussion about the children’s rights and how we respect the rights of others. We have created some lovely work for our display.


Well done Maple class!