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Year 2 Maple learn about Islam

On Tuesday, Key Stage 1 had a very special visit from Mr. Anwar who came to talk to us about Islam.

First, we had an assembly together where Mr. Anwar talked to us about the five pillars of Islam. Then Mr. Anwar came to our class.

He explained to our class all about wudhu, the ritual of getting ready for prayer. We had to remember all the parts of the body that you clean before you can pray. We were very good at this!

Next, we learnt that Muslims read the Qur’an which is in Arabic. Mr. Anwar showed us how Muslims pray and explained what a prayer mat is. Finally we had a look at prayer beads. Did you know there are ninety-nine beads on a prayer mat, symbolising the ninety-nine names of God?

We learnt a lot about Islam today! Thank you Mr. Anwar!