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PE and Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

The Sports Premium is funding in addition to the school’s budget and must be spent on improving the provision of PE and Sport in school. At Euxton Primrose Hill we place high emphasis on developing rounded pupils who are fit and ready to learn and welcome the additional funding to improve PE in our school.


In 2022/23 Primrose Hill School received £19,040 in Sports Premium Funding. To find out more about the government's advice on how Sports Premium Funding should be spent and to view a breakdown of our funding allocation and associated impact, click below.

We are delighted to announce that Euxton Primrose Hill has been awarded the School Games Platinum Award for the second time – a phenomenal achievement! Congratulations to all the staff and pupils for their hard work and effort in this achievement.



As a school, we have also been recognised by Chorley School Sports Partnership for our outstanding efforts in improving PE and Sport and have been awarded the following:


Winners: Best New Club (Change4Life) and Fair Play Awards.


Runner-Up: Whole School Impact, Participation (twice), Best Health and Wellbeing School and The Spirit of Games Awards.


Our pupils and parents have really appreciated the impact that we have had through our focus on PE/Sport/Health. Our Pupil/Parent Attitude Questionnaires included several comments about this such as:


Pupil Voice


Based on our summer term 2023 monitoring, pupils said:


I love PE because I love sport. PE is my favourite subject by far. Everyone looks forward to PE in the week. I like the variety of sports we do although I do wish we could do it even more often.


I think Physical Education and sport is so important for children of all ages. It improves my day every day.


PE is really fun and my favourite lesson by far. My favourite PE lesson is orienteering because you get to hunt. PE has so many fun lessons on the field or playground.


PE is by far my favourite subject, everything we do in sports is so fun. We get to spend time with our friends whilst we play many different sports and activities. I think my favourite was probably kickball as I love football but it's a hard decision. PE is amazing in genereral!


Parent Voice


Based on our 2023 PE Parent Attitude Questionnaire:


97% of parents/carers feel that schools offers a breadth of PE and Sport;


95% of parents/carers say that their child wants to take part in PE and Sport;


95% of parents/carers believe that their child's physical ability has deceloped as a reult of school PE and sport;


95% of parents/carers feel that Run a Mile has helped improve their child's fitness and resilience;


93% of parents/carers say that their child has enjoyed the new range of clubs on offer.


General comments made included:


The sports on offer are fantastic and have improved dramatically over the last few years.


We think it's amazing that the children have Mr Halsall to do the majority of sports. He is a credit to the school, he's brilliant with the children and keen to do as many sports as possible including competitions. As parents of children that are sporty we feel very lucky to have Mr Halsall at our children's school.


The PE and range of sports is fantastic. The variety offered is amazing and it is taught to an exceptionally high standard. Mrs Hacking and Mr Halsall are a credit to the school leading and arranging all the extra curricular activities and clubs.Thank you Euxton Primrose Hill.


PE and sports provision at Primrose Hill is exceptional and a strength of the school. The range of extra curricular sports clubs, events and competitions that are open to all are excellent. A huge thank you to all the staff for their time & effort in leading daily after school clubs and all staff involved for making competitions and events possible!


I consider the provision of sports and PE opportunities have considerably improved from being good to fabulous over this past year. Euxton Primrose Hill have welcomed the opportunities available to their pupils and are openly encouraging the participation of our children.  I'm pretty sure next year, Primrose will be the school to try and beat in the chorley schools competitions! The commitment and input from  Primrose  teachers and sports team is evidently building both the confidence and have a go attitudes as well as improving the fitness levels of our children. I only wish my son could start all over again at Primrose! What a great school that goes from strength to strength! 


Sport is incredible at Primrose Hill. There is a wide range of sports available and also opportunities for children to compete. There is a strong sense of camaraderie and pride amongst the children who attend sporting events which is fantastic to see.




At Primrose Hill, we believe it is important that pupils learn to swim as soon as possible, in order to esure their personal safety and proficiency in water. We therefore place our swimming lessons within the Year 2 and Year 3 PE curriculum. Following a careful review of local facilities, we have selected Strawberry Fields Swimming Pool for pupils to swim and pupils are taught in groups of 1:10, in order to ensure the best experience with maximised swimming time. Below are our swimming risk assessments: