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Bury Transport Museum Visit – Elm Class

The sun was shining brightly for Year 2 today as we went on our trip to Bury transport museum . We arrived first thing in the morning and we didn’t stop learning all day !

We were greeted by our three amazing helpers Dorothy, Keith and Matthew and we set off learning how to make a vehicle .

Dorothy guided us through the process of making and testing out our own vehicles – what fun we had.

And then we had to design and make a chassis . Not an easy job when you are six !

We had racing cars, drift cars, trains, rubbish trucks, ice cream vans and even some magical fantasy vehicles too .

It was then time to have a look around the amazing vehicles that the museum has to offer.

Keith was extremely knowledgeable about the vehicles and showed us the differences in ages of the vehicles .

We loved looking at the different wheels on the different vehicles

Keith also gave us a talk about railway safety, and he used a model train set with signals to show us when the trains have to stop !

After lunch we were allowed to have fun in the rest of the museum, and we had time to dress up, watch a model railway, visit an old railway office and use the typewriter and phone, and we even were allowed to drive a bus !