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School Development Plan

At Euxton Primrose Hill, we produce a comprehensive school improvement plan (SIP), aligned to our strategic plan, on an annual basis. This year, our SIP focuses greatly on ensuring that pupils continue to receive a broad and balanced curriculum, whilst still addressing the gaps that have arisen from the pandemic. There is a strong emphasis on phonics/reading as we embed our Systematic Synthetic Phonics programme, ensuring that reading is not a barrier to accessing the curriculum. We also seek to further develop a love of reading through our newly introduced reading pathways, ensuring that pupils read high quality texts from a range of genres, whilst further deepening their understanding of our CARE values. We will continue with our whole school Maths mastery approach, monitoring and refining pedagogy to enure that all pupils receive the same diet of mastery pedagogy. We realise that the wellbeing of our pupils is even more important than ever before and we continue to identify opportunities to support pupils as much as we possibly can academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

For further information about our curriculum and to read full reports from each of our subject leaders, click here.