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World Book Day in Maple class (with some Elm students)


What a wonderful day we have had in Maple class celebrating World Book Day!


This morning, Maple and Elm class worked together on some fantastic activities based around one of our favourite books called ‘The Day the Crayons Quit,’ by Oliver Jeffers. Half of Elm class joined me in Maple class whilst half of Maple class joined Elm.


In the story, the crayons are fed up! Some are being used too much and some aren’t used at all. They write letters to the little boy who uses them to explain why they have quit.


Our children had to write a letter of advice to the little boy and tell him how to invite the crayons back.



The children were also given the opportunity to try animation today as well. They worked in partners to create crayons from Play-Doh and used an app to animate a story where the crayons returned back to the pencil case.

The children then learnt a poem through actions and we performed it together.

After lunch, the children returned to their normal classes where we read another story called ‘Meerkat Mail,’ by Emily Gravett. We examined some of the lovely illustrations and were able to think of some noun phrases in groups to describe the images.

Well done Maple and Elm class. We had a lovely day and will definitely be animating again!