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‘The Twits,’ in Maple Class


In our English work, we have been reading stories by Roald Dahl. We loved reading the story of The Twits and finding out all about the characters of Mr and Mrs Twit. (The ‘errrrrghs’ and giggles coming from our class showed that some of the tricks the characters were playing on each other were somewhat revolting!)


In order to learn about the characters in more detail, we worked in groups to act out a trick from the book.



We had to use actions and facial expressions to show what the characters were thinking and feeling.



This group showed the tale of The Funny Walking Stick where Mrs Twit has ‘the shrinks!’



Worms in your spaghetti, anyone?


The children all did a fantastic job and they have been able to create their own trick that they are going to write about. Next week, we will see what The Enormous Crocodile will bring!