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Ethos, Vision, Values and Aims



At Primrose Hill, we CARE passionately about our pupils, and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest possible standard of education. We believe that pupils learn best when they experience a high quality, carefully selected curriculum, coupled with the very best pedagogical approaches, delivered in a calm, caring and supportive environment. However, our school is about much more than high academic standards. It is a place where pupils also flourish socially, emotionally and physically. Our school provides a plethora of amazing enrichment opportunties and, whilst these undoubtedly consolidate and extend knowledge, they also develop vital skills that enable pupils to grow as individuals and citizens.


We work hard to get to know our pupils as individuals and celebrate their achievements in all aspects of their lives, both inside and outside of school. We also strive to seek opportunities to engage our school community beyond the school day and we have a fantastic PTFA team, that brings families and members of the community together to develop a wonderful, family atmosphere. By working in partnership with pupils and parents/carers, fulfilling our school motto of 'Together we will make a difference', Primrose Hill provides a unique, distinctive ethos, that leaves a lasting legacy on everybody that experiences our school.




To every pupil:

  • Our ambition for you has no limits. We care for you and will not give-up on you.
  • We recognise your strengths and will adapt to these.
  • Your individual qualities will be spotted early and we will help you to thrive.
  • We will teach you the values of respect and equality so that your skills, knowledge and behaviours will bring you success.
  • Language is a skill that is fundamental and this will be the foundation upon which all learning is built.
  • We will provide an experience that is rich, engaging and stimulates learning within and beyond the classroom.
  • Your voice is important and we will listen.
  • Your safety and wellbeing underpin everything we do.
  • Above all, at Primrose Hill, we will challenge you constantly to realise the potential we see.


Together we will provide an ever evolving, exceptional offer that inspires you to be the very best you can be. “Together we will make a difference”





In order to help us focus on our vision and to ensure that we always try to achieve our best at all times, we have developed values based on the acronym CARE. These have been carefully selected to reflect the caring environment of our school as well as reflecting our high expectations. These are as follows:


Courage: Always aimining to develop independence, metacognition, resilience and growth mindset.


Ambition (For all): Mastery approaches used at all times, learning without limits and setting unwavering high expectations at all times.


Respect: For ourselves, others and the environment.


Excellence: Through a carefully sequenced curriculum, building on sequential knowledge and rich learning experiences, we aim to make our curriculum (and the product of our curriculum - our pupils) stand out from the rest. We seek excellence in everything we do.




We will strive to ensure that each child performs to the best of their ability.  We intend that they will grow to be confident and willing, caring and concerned, committed to their own development yet aware of their responsibilities to others.


We will:

  • treat all children equally, and get to know them well.
  • emphasise the positive achievements of children in school and in their outside activities
  • identify and develop the skills and talents of each child
  • encourage RESILIENCE, confidence and discipline in our children so that they may become responsible and responsive members of society
  • have high expectations of both behaviour and academic achievement
  • encourage our children to make responsible, healthy choices
  • help children to develop moral values, and to develop understanding of and respect for different cultures, races, religions and ways of life
  • provide purposeful teaching in structured lessons within a comfortable, secure learning environment
  • invest in staff development to enhance the professional competence of staff to meet their individual and school needs in order to benefit the pupils
  • develop a close partnership with parents and involve and support them in their child’s development
  • create a friendly, vibrant atmosphere with a bright, attractive and welcoming environment for our children