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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary in Year 6 Everest

Today Year 6 Everest took a trip down memory lane (with a little help from Dr Who and a time machine) to think back over the last 50 years of Primrose Hill. Using digital technology (Digimaps and Google Earth imagery) alongside Ordnance Survey Maps, the children tried to piece together some imagery of the school over time. We took a tour of each decade thinking what significant events from history have occurred over the last 50 years. The children shared some fascinating insights into their own families and connections to Primrose over that time. In addition, we tried to imagine what the 75th Anniversary celebrations might look like in the future and how the school might change over the next 25 years. Finally, we created some Op Art to show our time travel for the day. We look forward to sharing together some more memories over the course of the year.