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Linking Visit - Deepdale School and Primrose Hill - Elm Class

We had a wonderful time today when we went to the Lancashire FA to meet some new friends !  We met up with Year 2 children from Deepdale Community Primary School and played lots of fun games.


When we arrived we played link tag, and a magic stone game.  We had fun when we played Chicken in a Hen House and you can see us being chickens, flowers in flower pots, fish in ponds and many more things.


When the children arrived we played a fun game of Bibbity Bobbity Boo and lots of us found it tricky ! 


We started to talk to our Deepdale friends, and we had to make a boat together, a bridge together and a castle which was very hard !


We had to finish the sentences


We dream about …...

We hope for …...

We are …...


and we even put actions to our words.


We had lots of lovely food before starting some handshakes and questions for each other. We played some relay races for fun , and we loved bum-shuffling across the floor !


We were very sad to come home, but we are looking forward to seeing our Deepdale friends again.