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No Pens Day Maple class

We have had a great day in Maple class today without our pens. 
We have learnt how important it is to communicate well by speaking clearly and listening to others. 
In our guided reading lesson, the children filmed each other using iPads to answer  follow-up questions. The children enjoyed speaking on camera and explaining their understanding of the text they had read.

After this, we played some games. The children had to create a story about how they came to school and tell it to their partner. The crazier, the better! Then their partner had to retell their story to the class correctly. We built on this skill by playing a barrier game with cubes. The children sat back to back with a partner and built a tower. Then they had to explain to their partner how to build exactly the same tower, using verbal instructions only. This is harder than it sounds. 
Well done Maple class.